Disaster Recovery

Surviving Disasters, Audits, And Regulators With On-Demand Failover

Avoid downtime when disaster strikes, hardware fails, or ransomware infects your systems. CMS Disaster Recovery lets you instantly recover your data & systems. Whether it’s by ensuring that the necessary levels of performance, security, and availability are maintained, or by spinning up virtual machine replicas either locally or in the cloud.

Whether you are restoring a single file, your entire system, archiving information to meet regulatory compliance, or simply searching for information, CMS has the best disaster recovery solutions available. In the case of data loss, disaster, audit, or during the course of normal business operations, it is imperative that you have a speedy and guaranteed method to protect, recover, and discover your data.

Customizable and Affordable Recovery Solutions

We deliver enterprise-grade performance and reliability without enterprise-level complexity and cost.  CMS disaster recovery services provide operational efficiencies while minimizing risk and protecting prior investments. The Company’s best-of-breed cloud solutions include automated and scalable hybrid cloud data protection and availability services.

We believe in a hybrid approach to data protection enabling customers to not only protect data onsite and in the cloud, but to protect data that is in the cloud from the start (cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-onsite data protection).  CMS provides data protection solutions for companies that have migrated certain applications to the cloud or who are ‘born in the cloud’ and using hosted/ cloud-based services such as hosted email (Google Apps Email), office applications (Microsoft Office 365), or virtual private servers.


We set it up for your business. You can backup, recover, archive, or discover your data FREE for 30 days.