CMS has the next gen solutions for multiple industries

Health systems and patients rely on digital health technologies for care delivery, and the demand for new technology continues to grow and innovate. Healthcare organizations are going through a necessary digital transformation.  As telehealth becomes more important and patient records need to be accessed at a multitude of locations at any given time, the need for secure access and connectivity is critical. 


CMS brings managed cloud communications to healthcare providers so they can consult with patients virtually, and many other solutions. Our managed solutions help clinicians deliver exceptional patient care by having critical real-time data at their fingertips.


We can help build the educational environment your facility needs by creating virtual classrooms, recording lectures, enabling WiFi, and more. See how the cloud can help educators, students, and the greater community stay connected.


Mobilizing hospitality employees and enabling the delivery of superior customer service. CMS delivers the technology to understand the needs and preferences of your customers and act accordingly to deliver personalized service that is the key to great reviews, repeat business, and operational efficiencies.


Our managed communications services offer a security-focused customer experience on any device, using voice, mobility, messaging, and video.

Retail & E-commerce

CMS helps retailers deliver exceptional customer experiences in real-time, on any device, in a wide variety of channels. We deliver a managed retail-optimized mobility solution that can help gain measurable efficiencies and enhance in-store communication.

Transportation & Logistics

Our managed services help carriers improve customer satisfaction and maximize service levels. Our mobility solutions cut response times, minimize production downtime, and improves overall productivity.


CMS ensures reliable communications at every level of your business. With our network coverage and voice quality, we can help personnel stay connected with colleagues or external callers in the noisiest of environments. CMS improves overall manufacturing and production plant efficiency and productivity.