Religious Institutions

Advanced Security For Religious Institutions

Your house of worship needs to be a peaceful, safe space for all who visit. From vandalism to parishioners being targeted in parking lots to theft of donations to target violence against a race or class of people, houses of worship have a lot of risks. In addition, figuring out how you run cables in complex buildings ranging from historical buildings to giant multi-location and multi-building campuses and using volunteers to manage systems, a house of worship can be a complex task. CMS offers the best security solutions for churches, protecting against potential threats with enhanced surveillance and immediate police contact. Experience peace of mind knowing your church, mosque, temple, or synagogue is protected by real-time monitoring and crime deterrence.

Let CMS help you provide peace of mind.

The right security systems for your religious institution can make a big difference in helping your congregation feel like a safe and welcoming space.

CMS technology for house of worship security

CMS Delivers an Automated Emergency Response Solution with:

  • Security Cameras

  • Panic Buttons

  • Video Management System (VMS)

  • Access Control

Connecticut 2024 Nonprofit Security Grant Program

CMS can assist you with completing the application for the FY 2024 Connecticut Nonprofit Security Grant Program. The program is open until Friday, March 1, 2024. To be considered for funding, a complete application must be received by the due date. A completed application must include both parts I and II. Let CMS take care of the application, until then let’s discuss your security concerns and possible solutions.


Reduce Acts of Vandalism

Cameras can detect unwanted or unknown individuals and acts of vandalism activity before they cause an incident, as well as reduce theft.

Restrict Access to Authorized Personnel

Control access to buildings and areas on a need-to-access basis. Limit access by time of day and/or day of the week.

Liability Risk Reduction

Sports ministries, day cares, homeless ministries, feeding programs, and schools on campus require liability insurance for injury, violence, or abuse. You can lower your risk by using cameras to check to make sure your safety policies are being followed.

Protect Parishioners in Parking Lots

The parking lot for a house of worship is one of the few places where a stalker or other violent individual with a vendetta against a parishioner knows that they will be outside, alone, at an approximate time. Vulnerable parishioners need to be protected. Our panic buttons can also work in your parking lots.

School Security and Safety

Many religious institutions have integrated schools or preschools. Children’s security is always the first concern. If your church has daycare and Sunday school, it is necessary to install our security solution to keep all children safe and secure.

Improve Network Cyber Security

Churches, once ignored by cyber criminals, are now being targeted. Our network security platforms increase your cyber security posture and make your church security systems easier to manage.

Security Camera Solutions

Smarter Security, Lower Liability, and Improved Safety for Houses of Worship


Panic Buttons



In critical moments, simplicity and speed are crucial to an effective response. Employees must be empowered to direct help to where it is needed — easily and quickly — because in a crisis, every second matters. We designed a solution that routes requests for help to key personnel instantly, with precise location information. Every staff member receives a smart badge, which has only one function: to empower the wearer to quickly and discreetly activate an alert. The badge vibrates to confirm receipt of the alert.

The moment an alert is triggered, the system immediately provides clear and critical information to all impacted personnel.

Video Management System (VMS)

Advanced Analysis of Video

Leverage the Digifort software to simplify video monitoring for your religious center, complete with real-time alerts and remote access to all your footage. Digifort is founded on a performance-driven architecture while providing stability and one of the most responsive and lowest CPU and RAM demanding VMS in its class. It is creating an environment which is exceptionally light on IT infrastructure costing much less in hardware and ongoing maintenance.

  • Video Management
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Advanced Analysis of Video
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Face Recognition
  • Alarm and Automation
  • Keyboard Controller
  • Middleware
  • Neural Networks

Access Control

Remote Management Simplified

Access control is critical to the safety and security of your religious institution because it helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information, resources, and areas.

Without proper access control measures, anyone could gain access to confidential data, valuable assets, or restricted areas, which could lead to theft, sabotage, or other malicious activities. This could result in significant financial losses, damage to reputation, and legal liabilities.

By implementing access control mechanisms, you can ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information, resources, and areas. Access control can help prevent security breaches.

Remotely activate lockdown plans for any type of emergency with the device of your choice, with the ability to share critical information and open specific doors for first responders from anywhere.

Protect the Entire Property

By offering proactive monitoring services, CMS ensures that your property is safe from criminal activity. Unlike other church security solutions, CMS prevents crime sometimes before it even happens to protect the entire perimeter of your property, with reduced false alarms. With CMS, your entire indoor and outdoor property will be comprehensively safeguarded. Trust that your religious institution is always secure with a CMS Security Solution.