The Future of Telecom Expense Management

Stop costly oversights, promote staff productivity, and increase process efficiency

Valubill automates the technology-spend lifecycle, providing full transparency and complete control from procurement to payment to optimization. Our deep experience and a relentless pursuit of innovation makes it easy to manage resources, save money and streamline daily operations. Procurement Management ensures that your IT and Communications provisioning activities are under control. Every order is authorized, properly configured, placed on the appropriate rate plan, and reported to the appropriate party. We can also pay your invoices on your behalf to avoid late fees and keep your services up and running.

IT Asset Management

Go beyond the TEM Solution. Valubill can track telecom, mobile, web and cloud technology assets all at once. Analyze inventory, invoices, contracts, cost centers, and multiple data sources by centralizing IT assets in Valubill. Valubill collects every detail so you know, in real time, what technology assets you have, how they’re being used, and how you can save money. Our IT asset management solution is backed by industry experts that you can count on.

Analyze and Reporting

ValuBill can manage IT cost reporting, analysis, and billing in one single platform. We simplify general ledger and accounts payable financial reports, and we eliminate the silo of data streams from multiple billing systems. Our invoice management system provides cost allocation and data visualizations, helping you present reports, manage assets, and automate workflows.

Bringing it all together

Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) includes integrated Invoice, Asset, Usage Management and Business Analytics tools that provide professionals at every level of the organization with rapid access to concise, actionable data. Valubill is your complete solution for managing every aspect
of your telecom, equipment, mobile and cloud technology environments across your organization.

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Valubill Eliminates Late Payments and Captures Additional Savings

IT Expense Management with Visible Results

Don’t just cut technology expenses – control them. With ValuBill’s advanced IT expense management software and supportive pros, decision makers can see every enterprise technology asset and bill in ValuBill. Our clients save up to 60% annually on telecom, mobile, and cloud expenses. 

As your partner, we’ll help you gain confidence in cost-effective technology programs that enhance your business’s performance globally. Let us handle the repetitive, labor-intensive processes so you can focus on high-value work.