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From video lectures to virtual classrooms to mobile tutoring, CMS can help digital education platforms, learning institutions, and teachers meet the challenges of remote learning by staying connected and sharing knowledge, no matter where they are.

But Cloud Solutions and communications enhancements also mean an increased need for bandwidth. Even with discounting programs such as E-Rate (which not all schools are eligible for) telecommunications costs can pose an expensive hurdle for schools, forcing many to choose one of these lesser options:

  • Installing the cloud technology they want and overspending for bandwidth to support it
  • Not installing the cloud technology they want to keep their telecom spending low
  • Attempting to squeeze too many cloud services onto insufficient network resources, resulting in poor performance or even outages

CMS Manages your network for you, so you never have to choose any of the suboptimal options above.

SD-WAN is ideally suited to help distributed organizations squeeze more utility out of their IT spending. SD-WAN sorts and optimizes complex network traffic, allowing organizations to deploy bandwidth-hungry solutions over a broader number of networking products. An SD-WAN tool can help colleges and other academic institutions get more out of the cloud.

Distribution and the Challenges of the Cloud

Cloud technology is an important tool for all educational institutions. It can be used for teaching tools, a study aid, and a method for multiple locations to project a single message all at once. A high school and vocational school looking to share data on traveling students, for instance, could greatly benefit from something as simple as a shared database. Teachers and students alike benefit daily from advancements in technologies like cloud storage and aren’t opposed to going outside their organizations if the schools themselves don’t offer solutions.

Does your school's current cloud deployment make the grade?

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CMS Contact Center upgrades

All calls (as well as contacts through other channels) can be dealt with effectively and professionally, limiting problems like dropped calls, long queue build-ups, and more. Use call recording capabilities to review conversations to make sure all of your agents are meeting the needs of students and parents, as well as to address any suspected abuse, disputes, or fraudulent activity.

CMS is helping schools Cut Costs

More, individual schools with smaller student bases could use the technology to move away from costly high-end data solutions, allowing them to maintain the cloud-based services their students and staff rely on while drastically cutting costs.

The Right SD-WAN Tool Can Help

Concerns about cloud services give SD-WAN inherent value. By letting schools — and, indeed, entire systems — make more efficient use of their network resources, the technology can open doors previously thought unavailable, ultimately helping educational bodies meet their varied financial and technological needs in the process.

Panic Buttons



In critical moments, simplicity and speed are crucial to an effective response. Employees must be empowered to direct help to where it is needed — easily and quickly — because in a crisis, every second matters. We designed a solution that routes requests for help to key personnel instantly, with precise location information. Every staff member receives a smart badge, which has only one function: to empower the wearer to quickly and discreetly activate an alert. The badge vibrates to confirm receipt of the alert.

The moment an alert is triggered, the system immediately provides clear and critical information to all impacted personnel.