Security Solutions

Panic Buttons



In critical moments, simplicity and speed are crucial to an effective response. Employees must be empowered to direct help to where it is needed — easily and quickly — because in a crisis, every second matters. We designed a solution that routes requests for help to key personnel instantly, with precise location information. Every staff member receives a smart badge, which has only one function: to empower the wearer to quickly and discreetly activate an alert. The badge vibrates to confirm receipt of the alert.

The moment an alert is triggered, the system immediately provides clear and critical information to all impacted personnel.

Its features include:

Physical Security as a Service - PSaaS

Custom Engineered security solutions

PSaaS lowers the costs of your vital physical security needs. CMS combines security cameras, access control, panic buttons, emergency notification systems, and a first responder interoperable communications system, into a low monthly service offering. No other PSaaS solution has a combination of services and technology like CMS. We can deliver all our services over a secure, zero-trust network.

Access Control

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

One App = Complete Control

The platform delivers a unified experience no matter what device you are managing your system from. is the easiest to use, fully integrated access platform. Effortless cloud management delivers a better experience and improves productivity. Regardless of the system size, and scales to your needs making access management easier than ever.

Our mobile-first platform was founded on the principle of simplicity without compromise. We engineered an entirely cloud-based access control platform that’s easily configured and managed from any mobile device.

  • Receive and accept mobile credentials.
  • Unlock doors using your phone as a credential.
  • Remotely unlock doors from your app.

Security Cameras

Multi-camera security solution

CMS has an offering that works for your business needs.

CMS can engineer a custom multi-camera security solution that works for
your deployment. Our network connects enterprise-class network video recorders that can store up to 60 days’ worth of video from 20 4K cameras, or up to 30 days’ worth of video from 60 HD cameras. We can scale up or down to meet your deployment requirements. Capture every detail with 4K resolution cameras. We source the most powerful cameras, with large 1/2″ image sensor, 3X powered optical zoom lens, and integrated high-power infrared LEDs for night vision.

CMS engineers, installs and manages your camera deployment. We centralize your system to:

  • Manage your devices with one intuitive interface
  • Expand your deployment with an easy-to-use platform designed
    for scalability
  • Enjoy full, localized access to your streams and recordings
    without a subscription
  • Optimize your building security with a wide variety of plug-and-play products
  • Set up devices quickly and manage them on the go with a powerful mobile app
  • Let CMS build a personalized camera deployment that meets your unique security needs.

Automated Emergency Response Solution

The Intelligent Platform That Seamlessly Bridges Voice, Video, IoT And Data Communications To Connect People When And Where It Matters The Most.

LNK360™ is the on-ramp to the broader Mutualink ecosystem, comprised of community participants from public safety, private enterprise, smart cities and critical infrastructure entities who have a need to instantly collaborate and share communications. LNK360™ extends beyond basic radio interoperability to provide multi-faceted connections inclusive of LMR to LTE, real-time video sharing, geospatial information, and data sharing capabilities.