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Panic Buttons for retail employees



In critical moments, simplicity and speed are crucial to an effective response. Employees must be empowered to direct help to where it is needed — easily and quickly — because in a crisis, every second matters. We designed a solution that routes requests for help to key personnel instantly, with precise location information. Every staff member receives a smart badge, which has only one function: to empower the wearer to quickly and discreetly activate an alert. The badge vibrates to confirm receipt of the alert.

The moment an alert is triggered, the system immediately provides clear and critical information to all impacted personnel.

We have a managed solution for all communications in retail.

Retailers today face a complex buyer journey. Tech-savvy shoppers have a world of information about products, prices and options that are only a click away. To win, you need to empower your staff with the same data and mobility tools to meet customer demands for enhanced service capabilities and personalized care.

CMS enterprise-grade mobility solutions deliver real-time, user-friendly and relevant information.

A Better Customer Experience with Digital Signage

Retail Digital Signage generates an exciting and immersive shopping experience that helps you separates your brand from the competition. CMS’s specifically designed Retail Signage Solutions naturally improve your ability to promote products, upsell services, and create new ways to better connect with your customers.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Using a retail-optimized solution like CMS can help you gain measurable efficiencies by enhancing in-store communication, better coordinating staff, improving task management and optimizing inventory and distribution management.


CMS helps retailers deliver exceptional customer experiences in real time, on any device, in a wide variety of channels.


We deliver a managed retail-optimized solution that can help gain measurable efficiencies and enhance in-store communication.

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