Voice Services

You choose the offering that works for your business needs.

When it comes to selecting the voice products that work for your business, we offer a wide array of flexible solutions to meet your specific business needs. We do not force you to select one of our predetermined plans like other carriers. We offer you the choice of the products and plans that work for your business. This prevents overspending on services your business never uses.

CMS has the right solution for your Small Business Phone System

CMS’s Business Phone System is built for small businesses. Whether you have 2, 20, or 200 employees, you can rely on CMS for an effective office phone system with the features and benefits of an enterprise level phone system.

Cloud Hosted Voice / Onsite PBX

With feature-rich IP phones that are enabled for SIP service, office telephone extensions become virtual rather than physical, allowing workers to receive calls and messages anytime, anywhere across a variety of wired and wireless devices. The benefits of SIP service start with cost savings. SIP phone service eliminates physical telephone lines and the cost of maintaining them.

SIP Trunking

Simple connections with the Internet or private IP infrastructure give your business more options and less dependency on hardware, effectively managing both data and voice needs. SIP Trunking offers a full range of access options and interoperability with leading IP-PBX systems.

Call Center Services

Increase your Call Center functionality. Create powerful reports to measure the performance for your Call Center Queues and Agents. Have a complete set of reports based on the statistics for your Call Center, export reports, and send them automatically by email, all from within the application.

Flex Voice PRI

CMS’s Flex Voice PRI provides businesses with digital access to the PSTN with:

  • A PRI Handoff with 23 Calling Channels
  • An Internet Connection with the proper bandwidth for the number of PRIs; Static IP
  • IAD (Integrated Access Device) to break out the Voice/PRI (Router) from the IP Connection
  • 1 DID per 23 Voice Channels (Additional Available)
  • Equipment and Installation

Analog Replacement Lines

Analog line prices continue to increase, and we can provide a product that will roll back the prices and provide greater features for future growth.

We are changing the way Communications Services are being delivered.

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