Real-Time Incident Center as a Service

Building Safer, Smarter Communities

The intelligent platform that seamlessly bridges voice, video, IoT and data communications to connect people when and where it matter the most.

LNK360™ is the on-ramp to the broader Mutualink ecosystem, comprised of community participants from public safety, private enterprise, smart cities and critical infrastructure entities who have a need to instantly collaborate and share communications. LNK360™ extends beyond basic radio interoperability to provide multi-faceted connections inclusive of LMR to LTE, real-time video sharing, geospatial information, and data sharing capabilities.


CMS provides Mutualink’s technology which is the leading interoperability solution for smart communities, public safety agencies, schools, private enterprise security, hospitals and critical infrastructure. Our technology and quality of service enables the freedom to customize and configure advanced interconnectivity solutions.

Now available as a software download, LNK360™ leverages your current communication assets including legacy systems and can be scaled to incorporate new devices as needed. Connect to our network via public or private LTE, satellite or terrestrial broadband.

Available via SaaS, Cloud-hosted, On-Premise and hybrid deployments.


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Better Communication with LNK360™ Technology

Our goal is to reduce response times and time to resolution in emergencies. In both the public and private sectors reduced response times protect the lives of students, employees, worshippers, ordinary citizens, and innocent bystanders. That’s why we created LNK360™ — the best interoperable communications system available today.