Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS)

CMS delivers a complete security response solution

Creating a safer workplace is good for employees and your business’ bottom line.

Physical Security as a Service – PSaaS lowers the costs of your vital physical security needs. CMS combines security cameras, access control, panic buttons, emergency notification systems, and a first responder interoperable communications system, into a monthly service offering. No other PSaaS solution has a combination of services and technology like CMS. We can deliver all our services over a secure, zero-trust network.

CMS empowers employees and provides them with the fastest / most straightforward way to get help in the event of an incident. They Push the button. Help Comes. It’s that simple. Give Your Staff the Confidence Everywhere Their Job Takes Them. Our solution works campus-wide to get help quickly and discreetly.

Physical Security Solutions

Let CMS Engineer your security solution

CMS can custom engineer a solution that fits your business needs. We have designed a security platform that integrates multiple security offerings into one solution. 

You no longer have to worry about networks, devices, interfacing or other potential breakdowns in communication.

We engineer it… install it… and manage it.


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True End-to-end PSaaS

No one can predict a workplace incident will take place, but everyone must be ready to respond when an unplanned event occurs.

No matter what your workspace or floor plan looks like, CMS can provide a response solution.  Employees need the means to act effectively and quickly – without compromising safety. Staff needs to feel confident that if there is a crisis, they can instantly send for help. Likewise, management must be equipped to direct help where it is needed – easily and immediately – because during an incident, every second matters.

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Better Communication with LNK360™ Technology

Our goal is to reduce response times and time to resolution in emergencies. In both the public and private sectors reduced response times protect the lives of students, employees, worshippers, ordinary citizens, and innocent bystanders. That’s why we created LNK360™ — the best interoperable communications system available today.