Video Management System (VMS)

Video Management

A Robust Surveillance Platform

Digifort products are carefully designed to offer the highest quality video monitoring and management software, exceeding market standards and expectations, while providing tailor-made features for a wide range of applications. Today it has more than 240 manufacturers worldwide and over 6500 models of devices integrated to the system, complete alarm system and automation, reading automobile license plate, intelligent module of image analysis, integration with any access control system, biometrics, CRM, ERP, city management software, among others.

Digifort has created the Digifort Mobile Client, an application developed in java platform for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones (Android and IOs) that allows the visualization and playback of the images of IP cameras and encoders, ideal solution for companies and Homes, where at any time the user can view and control cameras, PTZ, activate presets or trigger events from any location, via Digifort Server, being a complement, not an additional module, not requiring the use of a license, Already available from version 7.

License Plate Recognition

CMS integrates Digifort LPR that can be used on highways, streets, parking lots, shopping malls, businesses, or anywhere that requires identification of the automobile license plate. It is an intelligent module that, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features for automatic character recognition, identifies vehicle license plates and stores them in a database for immediate or future searches, allowing them to be associated with any necessary event, Generate alarms or automate the environment.

Advanced Analysis of Video

CMS has a powerful video analytic module that is used in conjunction with its client interface, that allows for more efficient and intelligent monitoring. This helps the operators to obtain a greater ability to process claims and the detection of events. Developed for continuous operation, without the need for the operator’s constant attention. It is constantly analyzing programmed behavioral situations, it generates alarms according to events that are occurring at the time of operation, for example: a car exceeding a speed limit, a person entering a property, a car parked or stopped in a restricted area, an abandoned object, an object removed or even to alert about suspicious movement of people.

Forensic Analytics

CMS can offer a new, innovative, and smart module, full of features and tools for video forensics and electronic surveillance projects. We can reduce the review time of a particular video for forensic (investigative) purposes – the reduction of such video is from hours to minutes. This reduction is made possible thanks to a proprietary compression of the video information. This compression creates a visual summary, which allows the operator to visualize several events occurring at different times and being shown simultaneously – overlaying all items while displaying their individual time codes.

Face Recognition

The Face Recognition module enables face recognition with excellent accuracy and high reliability (currently measured and certified by the MIT in University of Massachusetts), with a 99.86% accuracy, providing the user with important details regarding the identified person.

  • Face Match
  • Approximate Age
  • Gender
  • Feeling

Alarm and Automation

We deliver a complete alarm and event management platform, with the recognition of alarms created by any device that has been connected to the cameras or video servers.

Any external alarm, alarm sensor, I/O modules, cameras or video servers, will inform operators locally or in remote locations using a variety of optional proactive alerts.

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Suspicious and Blatant Behavior Analytics

Digifort IPXAnalytics was created to address situations where there are suspects or people with a suspicious behavior, such as entering pharmacies, banks and markets with a “Helmet” or a “Person with a Weapon” to trigger an event.

It is important that schools, establishments and public meeting places become more proactive, avoiding more tragedies and thus saving more lives.

Detecting an active shooter before it happens greatly improves law enforcement and emergency responses.